Rino attack fade


Rino is the only girl in skullfinder who really needs the job.Rino lived in a abandend neigborhood. Her brother and sister got lost and was killed during that time. Her father was the only one with her at that time. She still didn't forgive her dad for cheating on mom, she left after she founded out. Her father, hido, was a demon, who sold his soul to the devil, but soon realized he needed to have a job using that infomation. Rino was also a demon like her father after she realized her true form. DeathX decided it would be best for Rino to work for him also.


After seeing that Rino's dad needed a job they had to work for deathX. Rino and her partner, Skull didn't really get along. She complained why her partner had to be a boy. She had no choice, they either get along or there both out of the job. After a couple of days rino and skull became good friends and trust eachother of any difficulties. Skull is used as a weapon and Rino knows how to work a sword without needed to practice each day. But she can come over her powers and become someone else. She knew 10 powers already by her fighting.

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